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Powering the Intelligent Future

About Us is an artificial intelligence (AI) services and research company focused on transforming enterprises with AI-powered systems and decision making.

We build custom AI solutions and transformative experiences that create value by automating tasks, optimizing processes, and auto-generating actionable insights for enterprises.

Our services are designed to help you successfully lead your company into the AI era using state-of-the-art technologies, methodologies, and algorithms to perform tasks easier, faster, and more efficiently.

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, our objective is to help enterprises build their own AI capabilities and teams, and also inspire our youth with STEM principles to solve the most critical challenges facing our world, both today and tomorrow.

We believe every business can benefit from this transformative technology that is fast leveraging the competitive landscape to become a leader in their industry.


Therefore, our transformation program will help you build a culture that uses data as a strategic asset to extract insights, improve products and services, and use AI-powered applications to digitally transform every aspect of your organization.


Furthermore, as AI rapidly expands to all areas of society, we are committed to improving its accessibility for current and future generations to make people more productive, smarter, happier, and safer.

If you want to join this fun and exciting journey into the AI era, partner with to implement the latest AI technology solutions and industry best practices.

About Us

 Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun

-Albert Einstein

Meet Our Leadership

Meet Our Leadership


Talla-ah Fusi

Founder & CEO, Applied AI Scientist -

Co-Owner - International University, Bamenda


AI for Social Good

Foundation Foundation

  • The Foundation provides technical training and mentoring to underemployed and unemployed people, non-profits, veterans, humanitarian organizations, and developing countries around the world.


  • Our mission is to foster innovation and solve the world's most important problems using data and STEM principles. 


  • In a world that’s becoming increasingly complex, our goal is to inspire companies and our youth to become equipped with the knowledge and skills to solve tough problems, gather and evaluate data, and make sense of information.


  • We help connect you with the right data for your needs and transform it into value by implementing modern technology infrastructure and integrating artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities into your applications.


  • With our wide range of AI capabilities, we can revolutionize the way that computers and humans work together to develop new innovations that solve problems, save lives, create jobs, and build opportunities for the economy.


  • Our goal is to guide you on your AI and data science journey and build smart software that enables you to achieve more, enrich lives, and create a better and safer world.


  • If you are interested in improving tomorrow's STEM workforce or the global economy, then connect with us so we can change the world together. 

Technology Training & Mentoring in USA


Technology Training & Mentoring in Africa

Training in Africa

STEM Workshops in Cameroon

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