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What We Do

What We Do provides federal, state, and local government technology services and consulting to support civilian, defense, health, and science missions.

We offer a wide range of services spanning the range of AI, Cloud & Edge, Data & Intelligent Platforms, Agile Software Engineering, Scientific Research & Engineering, Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Extended Reality - VR/AR/MR/AV, Digital Health Services & Life Sciences, Managed IT Services, Program & Project Management, Business Process Optimization, and Technology Training.

Applied AI

Applied AI

Deep Learning

Transforming government to effectively use AI to help its citizens, improve national security, and create future economic value.

Applied AI Solutions:


AI Systems – We develop cutting-edge machine learning and deep learning software systems (web applications, mobile, autonomous systems, etc.) that create value, lower costs, optimize processes, and automate tasks.


Data Science – We analyze complex data to extract knowledge and produce actionable insights (slide deck, interactive notebooks, data science web app, etc.) that suggest hypotheses or actions to help optimize decisions.


AI Strategy & Transformation – We provide a systematic process to evolve into a great AI company, develop a data strategy, consider AI ethics, incorporate security, and create an advantage specific to your industry sector. 


AI Technology & Data Infrastructure – We implement world-class AI algorithms, modern data platforms, and open-source tools that can help optimize inefficient processes, automate repetitive tasks, extract actionable insights, perform strategic data acquisition, implement unified data warehouses, and create platform advantages. 


AI Training – We provide training courses to prepare all employees for new roles in the AI era, and they also learn how to apply AI in their current positions. 

Applied AI
Data and Intellient Platforms

Data & Intelligent Platforms

Data and Intelligent Platforms

We boost productivity and optimize decision making across government agencies by implementing cutting-edge tools and architectures to support mission objectives. Our intelligent platform services deliver innovative digital, cloud, data management, machine learning, security, IT infrastructure, content management, and collaboration tools to meet public sector requirements.



Powering the intelligent future with open-source and commercial technologies:

  • Data Science

  • Business Intelligence

  • Robotic Process Automation

  • Data Visualization & Exploratory Data Analysis

  • Machine Learning & Deep Learning

  • Big Data, Cloud, IoT, Edge, HPC, Data Warehouse

  • Blockchain Development

  • Virtual & Mixed Reality - AR/VR/MR

  • Testing as a Service, DevOps Development

  • Software & Systems Engineering

  • Microservices, Containers, Orchestration

  • R&D, Scientific Research & Engineering

  • GIS, Spatial Analysis, Drone, Remote Sensing

  • Custom Web Application Development, Mobile Apps - iOS, Android

  • Data Collection & Surveying, Strategic Data Acquisition, Data Governance

  • ERP, CRM, Collaboration, & Office Productivity Tools

  • Project Management, ITIL, Scrum & Lean Six Sigma

Data & Intelligent Platforms



Cybersecurity challenges and opportunities

As the world becomes more interconnected and interdependent online, the damage cyber threats pose to our cyberworld and national security is increasing at an alarming rate. Technological innovation offers increased speed to collaborate, communicate, and transform businesses, but this rapid pace of change also empowers cybercriminals to put a business or civilian at economic, operational, and reputational risk. These advanced cyber threats present huge challenges to security teams because many adversaries are well-funded, intelligent, sophisticated, and persistent. Mitigating these evolving challenges requires key steps such as understanding your security posture, developing an ongoing cycle of risk management, performing security assessments, improving security capabilities & controls, monitoring security operations and operating assessments, and reporting of status internally and externally.


Our innovative cybersecurity services offer a methodology for designing, managing, and operating a balanced enterprise cybersecurity program that is pragmatic and realistic in the face of resource constraints and other real-world limitations. We offer an effective program that facilitates the coordination of policy, IT lifecycle (strategy, engineering, operations), cybersecurity assessments, and cybersecurity programmatics (people, budget, technology) throughout all points of the security lifecycle. Using a combination of offensive, preventive, detective and reactive security techniques fused with modern AI capabilities, we can provide new abilities to disrupt, detect, delay, and defeat targeted cyberattacks.


We can help you develop a coherent cybersecurity architecture to manage various components that support and depend on each other to deliver audit, forensic, detective, and preventive controls to the enterprise. This extensible framework also organizes your cybersecurity program around key functional areas to enable the agility to adjust cyberdefenses to protect against evolving cyber threats. By leveraging our hybrid security approaches, you will become a security-focused organization with investments on-premises, and layered security to protect networks, systems, users, customer data, the cloud, and the edge. Using our broad industry knowledge and deep cybersecurity expertise, we can empower the government with next-generation cybersecurity services that continuously improve your security posture and mitigate risk.


Core Competencies



Cybersecurity is the evolving challenge to understanding, developing, and practicing cyber and information risk management. It includes the technologies and practices used to protect computers, computer networks, and data from harm. Creativity and intelligent systems can empower cybersecurity practitioners to succeed despite determined adversaries and internal struggles for priority and resources.


Information Assurance


Some key components of information security include risk analysis, business continuity, incident response, and security controls. As information-related risk expands to new areas, we need to apply creativity, technology-enabled products and services, privacy, and financial regulations to build trust that enables organizations to take advantage of new digital opportunities.


Security Systems


AI-based security applications and automation are playing valuable roles in dynamically preventing attacks. AI can be used more broadly over time to enable a greater level of automation in threat detection, prevention, and response.

Cybersecurity, Information Assurance, and Security Systems

  • AI Security Systems

  • Enterprise Cybersecurity Infrastructure

  • Cyber Red Team Deployment

  • Open-source Intelligence

  • Cyber Forensics

  • Defense Intelligence

  • Geospatial Intelligence Systems

  • Behavioral Biometrics & Physical Biometrics

  • DevOps Security

  • Cybersecurity Information Systems

  • IT Operational Process

  • Risk Management Process

  • Penetration Testing

  • Vulnerability Management and Incident Response Process

  • IT Auditing and Deficiency Tracking Process

  • Policies and Policy Exception Management

  • Anomaly Detection

  • Project and Change Security Reviews

  • Control Management & Change Control

  • Asset Inventory and Audits

  • Configuration Management Database Recertification

  • Supplier Reviews and Risk Assessments

  • Cyberintrusion Response

  • All-Hazards Emergency Preparedness Exercises

  • Vulnerability Scanning, Tracking, and Management

  • Patch Management and Deployment

  • Security Monitoring

  • Password and Key Management

  • Account and Access Periodic Recertification

  • Privileged Account Activity Audit

  • Data Governances, Data Regulations, Privacy

Cloud and Edge

Cloud & Edge

Cloud and Edge

Innovation from the intelligent cloud to the intelligent edge

We accelerate government cloud adoption using our proven framework that will guide you with creating and implementing business and technology strategies necessary to meet your customer needs. Our cloud computing services offer a wide range of products to help the government build, migrate, operate, and enhance your applications and workloads. These cloud capabilities include various options such as servers, storage, networking, compute, databases, artificial intelligence, analytics, security, mixed reality, IoT, serverless infrastructures, management, integration, and software services to modernize legacy systems. The advent of the intelligent cloud and intelligent edge also offers powerful new capabilities for connected systems and devices that gather and analyze data closer to users, the data, or both.

This provides users with real-time experiences, insights, and the freedom of the hybrid cloud to build and deploy applications on a massive scale using their preferred tools and frameworks. Users have the options of selecting from various service delivery models such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) using either private, public, or hybrid cloud technologies that provide government with the flexibility and scalability to keep up with customer demands. As government IT undergoes a fundamental transformation in how it operates, engages and serves citizens, the cloud provides opportunities to deliver faster and better services, and create new efficiencies through automation and improved decision making. Cloud computing also creates value by lowering costs, offering higher security, increasing productivity, and enabling global scalability.


By adopting a hybrid architecture on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge, we enable government transformation by modernizing legacy systems, consolidating and optimizing IT environments, strengthening data management and advanced analytics capabilities, improving security and risk management, and building AI-powered innovations that benefit its citizens and improve the world.


Accelerate your cloud adoption with confidence:

  • Define a cloud strategy to drive adoption efforts that unlock business value.

  • Convert the aspirational goals of your cloud adoption strategy into actions.

  • Prepare the cloud environment for planned changes.

  • Migrate workloads to the cloud and modernize them to meet your customer needs.

  • Establish cloud governance to maintain a well-managed cross-cloud environment.

  • Follow the cloud operations principles to run reliable cloud environments.


Public & Private Clouds

Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, OpenStack, milCloud, NetApp, Rackspace, Vmware, VPN/DMZ and more.


We can plan and implement the right cloud solutions for your enterprise needs.

Cloud & Edge
Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services

To succeed in our competitive economy, both business and government need to move fast, take risks, and use technology to operate at a reasonable cost. A new generation of dynamic infrastructure technologies is helping transform the way organizations operate and manage IT infrastructure and applications. Innovative tools and platforms for hardware, hosting, virtualization, cloud, containers, server automation, software-defined networking, and DevOps security are simplifying IT operations work. This revolution was made possible by improved tooling in creating and operating these platforms in a way that can be programmatically allocated and managed. Routine provisioning and maintenance can be delegated to software systems, allowing changes to be made in minutes, if not seconds. Highly reliable IT infrastructure is enabling change management to exploit this speed and provide better reliability along with faster time to market. 


Our infrastructure experts can help you take advantage of these new capabilities by implementing dynamic infrastructure platforms, infrastructure definition tools to manage resources, automated server configuration tools, and general infrastructure services. We deliver a dynamic infrastructure portfolio to support all of your compute, storage, and network resource requirements in the most demanding environments. By adopting a new generation of infrastructure technology, these platforms will offer new functionalities that are programmable, on-demand, and self-service. It can also solve common infrastructure challenges such as server sprawl, configuration drift, snowflake servers, fragile infrastructure, automation fear, and erosion. These modern approaches and tooling will allow you to treat infrastructure as if it were software or data by applying software engineering tools such as version control systems, automated testing libraries, deployment orchestration, TDD, and CI/CD to manage infrastructure.

Our team can provide remote or on-site support services 24 x 7, and 365 days a year to transform your IT infrastructure management processes to ensure:

  • IT infrastructure supports and enables change.

  • Changes to the system are routine.

  • IT staff spend more time on valuable things that engage their abilities.

  • Users can easily define, provision, and manage the resources they need.

  • Teams are able to easily and quickly recover from failures.

  • Improvements are made continuously without downtime.

  • Solutions to issues are proven through implementing, testing, and measuring.



  • Asset Management (physical & virtual)

  • Cloud Migration & Implementation

  • Cybersecurity

  • Data Center Consolidations, Operations & Maintenance

  • Data Migrations

  • Data Storage & Backups

  • Disaster Recovery, COOP Solutions

  • Managed Services in the Cloud

  • Requirements Analysis

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

  • Virtualization

  • Technology Refreshes

  • SAN, Data Storage

  • Systems Architecture, Converged & Hyper-converged

  • Help Desk & Service Desk

  • Technical Assessments

  • Technical writing, manuals, runbooks

  • Training

Infrastructure Services
Agile Software Engineering

Agile Software Engineering

Agile Software Engineering

Government technology requirements are constantly evolving, so having the right partner and strategy to implement the latest tech to meet these demands is vital for success. As society continues to move towards digital, innovation advisors will be needed to give the government the agility, expertise, and creativity to adopt the right tech for the toughest problems facing our world. This requires the government to master the newest technologies to enable innovation faster and better than the competition to capitalize on new opportunities, reduce costs, and create new economic value. Modern technologies like open-source, hybrid cloud, AI, and intelligent COTS technology have vastly improved IT price and performance across every industry by enabling rapid scalability, security, collaboration, and innovation. 


Therefore, our objective is to guide the government through this transformation using the latest technology, design thinking, and agile techniques to help energize legacy systems, improve business models, and deliver new valuable products and services. By leveraging our intelligent software engineering services, we can transform the government using data, AI, and custom systems that deliver the technological innovation and agility required to solve the most critical challenges at the pace of the modern economy. We will work as your true government success partner and add value to your missions in terms of quality, delivery, and performance.

We provide the government with a wide range of custom software and systems engineering services, including:

  • UX/UI

  • Human-Centered Design

  • Web Apps

  • Mobile Apps

  • DevOps & DevSecOps

  • Testing-as-a-Service

  • AI Engineering

  • Big Data Modeling & Architecture

  • Systems Integration

  • Systems Engineering

  • Agile Product Development

  • Open Source Development

Agile Software Engineering
Scientific Research & Engineering

Scientific Research & Engineering

Scientific Research & Engineering

As a scientific research service provider, we provide applied AI expertise, industry experience, and proprietary tools to apply state-of-the-art techniques to solve important challenges across all industries. Leveraging our world-class AI expertise and network of strategic researchers, we can investigate markets, technologies, and methods to develop pilot projects or end-to-end solutions. We also plan your data strategy to support research and enhance AI capabilities to create innovations that improve business and society.

The research project categories:

Contract research – where orders and funding are provided by an interested party such as a corporate partner, SLED, federal government department, agency, bureau or office.

Collaborative research – where projects involve multiple research or corporate partners and funded by a corporate partner, SLED, federal government department, agency, bureau or office.

We work methodologically and professionally across all industries:

  • Research and development for Civilian, National Security, Education, Science, Engineering, & Private Sector

  • Scientific analyses and consulting

  • Deployment and support of R&D expertise

  • Planning and conceptual design of national and international projects

  • Support in product development from ideation to pilot

  • Development of innovative AI solutions

  • Analysis of technologies and products

  • Research market potential and opportunities

  • Perform feasibility studies and evaluation

  • Implement workflows, processes, and structures

  • Develop workshops and training

  • Adopt new state-of-the-art AI technologies to research questions

  • Highlight current methods and tools

Scientific Research & Engineering
Managed IT Services & Support

Managed IT Services & Support

Managed IT Services & Support

In today's business world, users of computer systems can be anyone, and anywhere at any time. The days of a computer being a standalone device, not connected to anything other than a keyboard, mouse, and printer, are long behind us. This interconnectedness of computer systems makes the process of providing IT support more challenging but also opens new opportunities to deliver better support. Providing effective help and support to IT users is a process of elimination, a communication challenge as well as a technical one. To help enterprises achieve the full value of their IT investments, we provide on-premises managed IT resources and remote services to support your needs 24x7, and 365 days a year. We can boost your results today and future-proof your IT operations using a scalable and rapidly deployable workforce at multiple locations to assist any at any level IT service management.

We provide services for monitoring, management, and operations of a full range of elements in the enterprise IT environment including servers, networks, storage, security, applications, virtualization, unified communication, VOIP, telco, desktops, mobility, data center, disaster recovery, distributed computing, middleware, database, AI systems optimization, platforms, public cloud, private cloud, converged infrastructure, hybrid IT and training. 

Business Process Services

We can help you optimize outdated technology business processes to be more efficient by:


  • Reviewing current technology processes for improvements.

  • Developing new technology processes or optimizing existing ones.

  • Implementing best practices for technology and business processes.

  • Creating documentation and policies on the newly optimized processes.

  • Assisting with change management planning and training on optimized processes.


  • Service Desk & Help Desk

  • Application Management

  • Information Management

  • Infrastructure Management

  • Operations Management

  • Business Process Optimization

  • Program Management

  • Performance Management

  • Project Management

  • 24x7, and 365 days a year

Managed IT Services & Support



Decentralized Applications for Government

One of the most useful technological breakthroughs that has the potential to revolutionize all industries is the shared digital ledger known as blockchain. A blockchain is a decentralized and distributed global ledger that is poised to fundamentally change our online world. It has the potential to improve all industries with a completely new level of security, privacy, and trust by moving from a central trusted authority to a massively distributed network. This fundamental shift offered by blockchain has opened up new possibilities for trustless transactions, enforcing contracts, and secure exchange of information, assets, and value. It is an enabling technology that is utilized vertically and horizontally across different industries and is rapidly expanding beyond cryptocurrency.

In fact, is it poised to disrupt a wide range of verticals including government, financial, healthcare, cybersecurity, communications, mobile, real estate, insurance, supply chain, marketing, elections and voting, regulatory, music, gaming and many others. Many enterprises are incorporating blockchain technologies into their systems in unique ways, and its utilization seems limitless in many cases due to its ability to also open up new revenue streams and new business models.

Our blockchain experts can help you understand how this decentralized technology can be harnessed in the government space to create new innovations utilizing various elements of blockchain technologies. We can identify new use cases and functionalities to remove middlemen from transactions, close the gap between users and entities, automate payments, improve data integrity, expedite services, globalize transactions, improve security, lower costs, increase reliability and transparency. Our strategists will help accelerate your adoption by demonstrating how the main blockchain elements such as coins, tokens, ledgers, smart contracts, and dapps can be utilized on their own, mashed together, or combined as a hybrid of a blockchain and none-blockchain project to potentially improve an existing platform or implement a new unique application.

Platforms & frameworks:


Ethereum, Ethereum Wallet, Solidity, Truffle, Web3js, Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda, Quorum, Electroneum, Stellar and more.

Extended Reality

Extended Reality  VR/AR/MR/AV

Extended Reality

VR and AR technologies are fundamentally changing how we work, entertain, and communicate as a society. This emerging technology will have a massive impact on humanity’s future by enabling people to create their own realities. Outlandish ideas that were once the purview of science-fiction and our imagination are now being brought to life. These technologies can allow individuals to be anywhere, experience anything, or even become anyone in extended reality. Having the ability to extend reality enables people to reach across new boundaries and borders, and also revolutionize how we learn and connect with each other.  Importantly, it also augments our everyday actions in the real world through improved decision making, enhanced interactivity, and shared experiences. These major technological changes have the potential to disrupt several industries including marketing, advertising, real estate, travel, military, entertainment, education, retail, museums, aerospace, and more.

Some of the industries that VR and AR are having a huge impact on include:

Defense – Defense teams are already incorporating VR and MR into their training protocols by placing trainees in simulated “real-life” experiences that simulate complex scenarios that would be prohibitively expensive and high risk to replicate in the real world.


Aerospace – Aerospace teams are using VR to simulate virtual spacewalks, enabling them to practice exact space scenarios virtually at a fraction of the price and danger of performing real missions.


Education – Teachers can present information in new and engaging ways, classes can take place virtually to improve collaboration, and accessibility of education could be improved for all students around the globe regardless of ability or socioeconomic status.


Marketing & Advertising - Marketers are using this new platform to advertise and sell to consumers using applications such as virtual advertisements, virtual rooms, and AR information markers.


For more information about our enterprise and consumer VR/AR/MR solutions, contact our sales team to learn more.


  • Web AR/VR/MR/Augmented Virtuality applications

  • Mobile-powered Devices

  • Headsets & Smartglasses

  • Computer-connected & Mobile-based

Extended Reality VR/AR/MR/AV
Digital Health Services & Life Sciences

Digital Health Services & Life Sciences

Digital Health Services & Life Sciences

We are at an interesting time where contemporary healthcare, physical, and life sciences are primarily about data. They offer a combination of large datasets, complex systems that traditional techniques struggle to describe, and problems that directly impact human welfare in significant ways. Many disciplines that typically relied on human observation are now utilizing large datasets that simply cannot be analyzed efficiently using manual processes. These huge amounts of data come with the need for a new breed of researcher who is comfortable in both the computational and scientific domains. Significantly, organizations with these hybrid capabilities have the potential to unlock structure and insights in large datasets and make the scientific discoveries of tomorrow.

A powerful tool that has emerged over the last few years for identifying patterns and relationships in complex data is a form of machine learning called deep learning. As a result, this class of algorithms has broad applications across the healthcare and other life science disciplines in a number of areas including medical diagnosis, genetics, drug discovery and more. We provide innovative healthcare, life sciences, and modern AI solutions to commercial and government clients. Our experienced medical professionals, scientists, and AI engineers deliver customized intelligent technology solutions to automate manual tasks and improve overall efficiency, productivity, and accuracy of research. We are experts in using a diverse set of AI tools and technology platforms and can provide newer techniques that allow us to bypass some of the fundamental limitations of traditional techniques.

Our innovative AI solutions have great potential to change the world in dramatic and far-reaching ways by solving important problems such as Medical Diagnosis, Mental Health, General and Forensic Psychiatry, Personalized Medicine, Electronic Health Records, Deep Radiology, AI Therapeutic Instruments, Diabetic Retinopathy, Microscopy Virtual Screening Methods, Pharmaceutical Development, Biology Research, Population Viability, Molecules in Materials Science and Chemistry, Biophysical Systems, Genomics, and Microscopy.

We provide cross-functional teams comprised of both domain and technical expertise such as AI Engineers, Software Engineers, Medical Professionals, and Physical & Life Science Scientists  to deliver innovative solutions in digital health services and physical & life sciences:

  • AI Systems

  • Data Science Research

  • Project Management & Strategic Analysis

  • Clinical Quality Measures

  • Software Engineering & System Integration

  • Electronic Medical Record - EPIC, Cerner, Practice Fusion, McKesson, etc.

  • Data Management Systems

  • Administrative and Clinical Oversight

  • Program Integrity Support

  • Productivity, Compliance, and Collaboration Tools

Clinical and Non-Clinical Expertise:

  • Medical Doctors (MD) 

  • Board-certified General and Forensic Psychiatrists

  • Certified Physician Assistants

  • AI Engineers

  • Data Scientists

  • Statisticians

  • Population Biologists

  • Medical Technologists

  • PhD & MPH Researchers - Medical, Conservation, & Life Sciences

Digital Health Services & Life Sciences
Technology Training

Technology Training

Technology Training

Enterprise AI, Data Science, Cloud, and Software Development Training Courses


Our training courses teach your team the foundations of AI and Data Science and help you to master the skills necessary to build state-of-the-art solutions, and technical strategy to transform your enterprise.

We can help you develop the technical skills to extract value and actionable insights from your data assets using the latest Open-Source, Cloud, Business Intelligence, Databases, and Software Development techniques. Our goal is to transform the government with new technical, data, and AI capabilities that empower you to make sense of information, improve efficiency, optimize processes, and make better decisions.

Follow our proven training track or request a customized curriculum for your team to stay ahead of the competition by expanding your capabilities in areas such as:


Open-Source, Cloud, Databases, AI, Data Science, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Version Control, and Productivity Tools.

AI and Data Science Training

Learn Foundational and State-of-the-art Techniques in AI with a Customized Curriculum for Your Team.

Business Intelligence Training

Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Software Platforms:

  • Microsoft

  • Tableau

  • SAS

  • Oracle

  • Splunk

  • Mode Analytics

  • Microstrategy

  • IBM

  • SAP


  • Qlik

  • Open Source Tools

Cloud Platforms and Big Data Analytics Training

  • Get the best value from your data and core resources (storage, compute, networking) using our training paths on Microsoft Azure, Amazon, Google, IBM, Red Hat, Oracle Cloud solutions and more.

  • Our training courses can help the government kickstart, accelerate, and maintain your cloud environments with a wide range of learning options to meet your enterprise needs.

  • Big Data Analytics in Cloud: Hadoop, Spark, Scala, Python, NoSQL/ SQL, Databases, Edge, IoT, Visualization, Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning and more.

Software Development Training

  • We can help technical teams learn advanced skills in open source data tools, front-end, and back-end development to master frameworks that are in high demand throughout the industry.

  • Whether it’s open-source data tools, front-end, back-end, or full-stack engineering, our curriculum will prepare teams to create, maintain, and improve data apps, web applications, and websites to build innovative software solutions.


By following this specialization, students will be well-versed in any of the leading skills and frameworks including Python Data Tools, R, Julia, SQL, Swift, HTML, CSS, ReactJS, VueJS, AngularJS, SASS, Responsive Design, Accessibility, Rails, Go, NodeJS, NoSQL, Postgresql, Redis, OAuth, Version Control, CI/CD, DevOps, Security, Scalability, and more.


We can develop a customized curriculum for your team using the latest software development, open-source, and full-stack technologies.

Interested in discussing solutions or partnering with

Contact us to discuss the next steps.

Technology Training
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