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Transforming the World with AI-Powered Systems and Decision Making

Automation and Intelligent Systems

The Age of Automation and Intelligent Systems

The Age of Automation and Intelligent Systems

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the world around us by helping humans perform tasks easier, faster, and more efficiently. Many challenges that were previously deemed impossible to solve are now being solved with superhuman accuracy. Businesses are adopting AI-powered applications to transform every aspect of their organizations and achieve success. 


AI presents huge possibilities with regard to job creation, new discoveries, understanding climate change, boosting national security, improving quality of life, and increasing global productivity. Some of the most exciting applications today include recommender systems, conversational bots, autonomous vehicles, facial recognition, drug discovery, medical image diagnosis, robotics, precision agriculture, financial risk assessment, language translation, music generation, art creation, and games.


The implications of AI-driven automation on our society will be tremendous as many industries are already at risk of being disrupted. This foundational technology will also have a profound impact across every sector through the creation of new industries, services, products, and processes. In fact, AI is rapidly becoming the greatest transformative force in the economy and will undoubtedly produce one of the biggest revolutions that humanity has ever seen.

What We Do

What We Do

AI-powered solutions

We Build AI-Powered Solutions and Transformative Experiences for Enterprises

Our AI Engineers and Data Scientists solve important problems by applying state-of-the-art machine learning, deep learning, and other AI skills to a variety of data such as numbers, text, images, video, and audio.


We produce specialized AI systems end-to-end, as well as answer business questions, and manually generate actionable insights.


These intelligent systems generate new value by automating tasks, optimizing processes, and auto-generating actionable insights for enterprises.


Our training programs also provide customized curriculum to build AI expertise and prepare for new roles in the AI era.


We turn data into impact by helping enterprises improve earnings and competitive edge.

AI Consulting
AI Consulting

AI Consulting

We are passionate about applying AI and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) principles to help private and public sector institutions unleash new innovations that solve problems, save lives, create jobs, enhance national security, and facilitate economic development.

Our AI teams and strategic partners are experienced in all phases of the data and AI lifecycle.

We apply best practices using state-of-the-art techniques and tools in open-source to deliver cost-effective solutions for:


  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Data Science

  • Business Intelligence

  • Robotic Process Automation

  • Data Visualization & Exploratory Data Analysis

  • Data-centric AI

  • Cybersecurity & Security Intelligence

  • Big Data, Cloud, IoT, Edge, HPC 

  • Data Warehousing

  • Digital Health Services & Life Sciences

  • Blockchain Development

  • Virtual & Mixed Reality - AR/VR/MR

  • IT Infrastructure

  • Managed IT Services & Help Desk

  • Software & Systems Engineering

  • Testing as a Service, DevOps

  • Scientific Research & Engineering

  • GIS, Spatial Analysis, Drone, Remote Sensing

  • UX/UI, Full-Stack Web Application Development, Mobile

  • Data Collection & Surveying, Strategic Data Acquisition

  • Data Governance, Privacy, Information Assurance

  • ERP, CRM, Collaboration, & Office Productivity Tools

  • Project Management, ITIL, Scrum, Lean Six Sigma

  • AI & Technology Training

Private and public sector advisory

Private and Public Sector Advisory

Backed by industry experience, our experts deliver services across several domains including finance, retail, manufacturing, robotics, government, defense, legal, aerospace, healthcare, pharmaceutical, education, sports, games, conservation, energy, telecommunication, insurance, transportation, agriculture, and more.

We transform customer experiences, business models, and operational efficiencies by empowering you to create an advantage specific to your industry vertical.


Scene Understanding Instance Segmentation

Scene understanding with instance segmentation

Our AI Strategists provide you with the judgment and skillset on how to apply AI Technology, give you a clear-eyed view of its limitations, and show you where to fit it into a broader business context.


Quickly Turn AI Ideas into Transformative AI Systems and Actionable Insights

Our AI Consulting Process

Discovery - Determine your business challenge or project objective. (1 week)


Approach - Set strategic and technical direction on how to approach your AI Project. Discuss use cases, identify automation opportunities, technical and business diligence, set objectives, define success, and set the groundwork for a successful AI project.  (2 weeks)


Experience - Design and plan an intelligent experience. User interface design, presentation options, experience tracking, and user experience data analysis. (2 weeks)


Planning - Develop the implementation process. Establish a team, audit data, data strategy, select technology stack, security requirements, ethical considerations, management plan, and evaluation metrics. (2 weeks)


Prototype - Iterative model development and training. Rapid prototyping, exploratory data analysis, interactive visualization, AI engineering, applied machine learning, deep learning, and software engineering. Create intelligence and grow it over time. (4 weeks)


Orchestration - Operationalize AI solution into production. Monitor performance, maintenance, support, and maximize impact with a sophisticated data strategy. (2 weeks)

Our Process
Automation Machine

Open-Source and Commercial Technology

AI Capabilities

Design Intelligent Systems End-To-End

Modern Technologies

Modern Technologies

AI Solutions & Applications

AI Solutions & Applications

Java, Ruby

C, Swift

.Net, C#, C++






React Native, Flutter





Big Data, Hadoop


SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL

Spark, Storm, Neo4j, MongoDB

Tableau, Spotfire

Data-centric AI


Power BI, Flow, Automate, Power Apps

CRM Dynamics, Salesforce

Shiny, Plotly, Bokeh, Matplotlib

AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, OpenStack

Kafka, Streamz, Flink, Airflow, IoT Hubs, DataFactory

Robot Operating System, Unity


Git, GitHub, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift

Open-Source & Commercial Tools

Applied AI

Data Science

Intelligent Systems

Scientific Research & Engineering

Web, Mobile Apps - iOS & Android

Exploratory Data Analysis

Business Intelligence

Data Visualization

Big Data

Data Warehousing

Cloud, Edge, IoT, GPUs

Robotic Process Automation

High Performance Computing

Container & Orchestration

Extended Reality - VR, AR, MR


GIS & Remote Sensing

Autonomous Things

Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Computer Vision

Natural Language Processing

Speech Recognition

Generative Modeling

Reinforcement Learning

Network Science

Knowledge Graph

Recommender System

Foundation Models


Ethics, Privacy and Law in AI

Approaches and architectures

Approaches & Architectures

Unsupervised Learning – Clustering, Dimensionality Reduction, Anomaly Detection, Density Estimation, Embedding, Generative Modeling, etc.


Supervised Learning – Regression, Classification, Ranking, etc.


Reinforcement Learning – Markov Decision Processes, Bandits, Dynamic Programming, Q-Learning, DQN, REINFORCE, A3C, etc. 


Hybrid and Semi-Supervised Learning – Transfer Learning, Adversarial Learning, Multimodal & Multitask Learning, Few-Shot Learning, Meta-learning, Self-supervised Learning, Federated Learning, and End-to-end Learning, etc.



Empowering AI-Driven Enterprises

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, so does our ability to connect with it.


At, we see AI technology as a way to enable enterprises to achieve more and enrich lives by collaborating with smart software that exhibits human-like behavior and intelligence.


New advances in computation, big data, data science, and AI-powered technologies for vision, language, speech, generative, and knowledge are revolutionizing the way that computers and humans work together.


Leading enterprises are applying AI to transform their business models through the creation of new products, automating processes, delighting customers with personalized experiences, and empowering employees with intelligent systems.


Our AI Strategists and AI Engineers can help you explore how this kind of smart technology works and provide the foundational skills required to integrate AI into your applications.


As AI continues to expand to all areas of society, our mission is to improve its accessibility for current and future generations to make people more productive, smarter, happier, and safer.

AI Services
AI Solutions and Products
AI Solutions

AI Solutions 

AI Products

AI Products 

In addition to AI Systems, we also provide the

following services:

  • Applied AI & Enterprise Transformations

  • Data & Intelligent Platforms

  • Agile Software Engineering

  • Cloud & Edge, HPC

  • Data Warehouse

  • IT Infrastructure 

  • R&D, Scientific Research & Engineering

  • Digital Health Services & Life Sciences

  • Cybersecurity & Security Intelligence

  • Blockchain

  • Virtual & Mixed Reality – VR/AR/MR

  • Managed IT Services & Help Desk

  • GIS, Spatial Analysis, Remote Sensing

  • Custom Application Development, Mobile

  • Data Collection, Surveying, Strategic Data Acquisition, Data Annotation 

  • Data Governance, Privacy, Information Assurance

  • Project Management, Scrum & Lean Six Sigma

  • Technology Training

AI Strategy & Transformation

AI Strategy & Transformation

Evolve to an AI-Driven Enterprise by:


Systematically executing AI projects


Developing knowledge of AI


Aligning strategic direction with AI


Building a data strategy to support AI


Creating AI communications programs for key audiences


Applying ethics, security, law, and privacy in AI


VisionFun – custom computer vision solutions for a variety of vision tasks.


TextFun – custom natural language processing (NLP) solutions for a variety of natural language tasks.


SpeechFun – custom speech recognition solutions for a variety of speech processing tasks.


GenerativeFun – custom generative solutions for a variety of generative modeling tasks.


NetworkSciFun – custom network science solutions for a variety of network analysis tasks.


ReinforcementFun – custom reinforcement learning applications for a variety of tasks.


GISFun – custom geospatial data analysis, remote sensing, and ML applications for a variety of tasks.

RecommenderFun – custom recommender system solutions to automatically learn user ratings and preferences for a variety of tasks.

Enterprise AI Training

Enterprise AI Training

Learn Foundational and State-of-the-art Techniques in AI with a Customized Curriculum for Your Team.


Intro to Modern Data Analysis for Data Science


Intro to Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) & Insight Discovery 

Applied Machine Learning & Deep Learning 

Applied Data Science 

Applied AI for Intelligent Systems

 Ready to Lead Your Enterprise into the AI Era?

AI Products
AI Training

Evolve into a Great AI Company

Our AI Strategy & Transformation Program

AI technology is already transforming most industries, and many more will be at risk of being disrupted.


For an organization to take full advantage of AI, it needs to be fully integrated across all departments and functions.


We believe it is possible for any enterprise to become a strong AI-driven organization by setting up the right processes.


Our AI Strategists can advise you on the critical steps necessary to successfully transform your enterprise with AI.


With our proven methodologies, you will be able to grasp AI’s far-reaching strategic implications within your organization and create value from what the business implements.


We can help you build a culture that uses data as a strategic asset to extract insights, implement a modern technology infrastructure, identify new opportunities to automate manual and repetitive tasks, improve products and services, and reorganize business processes to transform your enterprise.


Every business can benefit from this transformative technology that is fast leveraging the competitive landscape to stay ahead of your competitors, and also become much more valuable and effective.

AI Strategy & Transformation

Computational Creativity

Content Image

Content Image

Style Image

Style Image

Output Image

Output Image

Our Enterprise AI Transformation Process Will Guide You With:

Executing pilot projects to gain familiarity and company buy-in for future investments.


Building a centralized AI team in-house to improve long-term efficiency and drive cross-departmental value.


Providing broad AI training that gives everyone the knowledge to prepare for new roles and improve capabilities.


Developing an AI and data strategy to create the most value and build a defensible business.


Creating a strategic communication process that ensures alignment with key audiences.

Applying Ethics, Security, Law, and Privacy in your work today.

Learn how to organize your business to do the things that modern AI capabilities allows you to do very well.

AI Strategy Process
Ethics and AI

Ethics, Security, Law, and Privacy Implications of AI

As society begins to rely more heavily on computer algorithms for making complex public policy, judicial, business, and life or death decisions, eventually some serious ethical, legal and privacy concerns may arise.


Our AI strategy process can also help you implement frameworks and best practices for doing ethical and legal work with AI that supports privacy.


Enterprises will better understand the implications of AI on individuals and their identity, and on society concerning critical issues such as bias and fairness, privacy, personal data use, and the job market of tomorrow.


As creators of data processing and intelligent systems, it is important to consider the unintended consequences our technology could produce such as propaganda and disinformation, authoritarian surveillance, job displacement, harassment, and bias.


These issues can be complicated and won't have clear or easy answers, but we can help you think about how you would handle a situation before you are in it.


We can assist you with building the foundations you need and human-in-the-loop systems to make the positive impact that you want in business, on the world, and society at large.

Every Nation Can Effectively Use AI to Help Its Citizens and Create Future Economic Value


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Powering the Intelligent Future

Powering the Intelligent Future

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